Picasso's Peace painting.

Picasso's Peace painting.

Picasso's Peace painting.

Peace advocates and peace activists are trying to find ways to promote harmony in the world. The peace ambassador, Prem Rawat, for example, helps develop inner peace through his unique peace message, which highlights the possibility of peace.

Apart from that, his best-seller entitled "When the Desert Blooms" is among the most successful tool to enhance inner peace. Published in 2018, the novel has caught the attention of millions of readers, who have quickly developed their strengths within and retrieve hope in life. Among the artists for peace, Picasso is famous for his painting about peace. This article has more about this inspiring artwork.

Picasso's painting representing peace

In 1949, during the 1st International Peace Conference in Paris, Picasso exhibited a moving painting to embody peace. The work of art was inspired from a pigeon that had been given to Picasso by his friend, Henri Matisse. The latter is also a renowned French artist.

Picasso's masterpiece expresses the idea of peace, just like in the Bible. His painting attracted the attention of a large group of people since it was the first realistic painting of a pigeon that was ever made. The pigeon of peace that the artist portrayed has become the emblem of peace.

A pigeon made from a simple graphic line

Picasso's unusual peace symbol had been initially designed from a simple, graphic line. It was later developed into a picture. Pablo Picasso's image of peace is named "Paloma", and his 4th daughter was equally named the same. The name is from the Spanish word, which means harmony or serenity.

The impact of the bird of peace on society

Picasso's peace painting has inspired the world a lot in the peacekeeping efforts. The greatest painter of the 20th century took the lead in inducing the world into the culture of peace through arts. His influence gave birth to the art movement. The bird of heaven has been largely used to symbolize or depict the idea of peace and serenity.

Many modern artists and painters have adopted Picasso's idea when campaigning for peace. The dove of peace united Picasso to his rival, Henri Matisse; likewise, the bird of peace is supposed to promote peace among friends, civilians, different ethnic groups and nations.

An extremely influential piece of art

Indeed, Pablo Picasso's peace painting is a prominent symbol. It has become a universal emblem representing peace. What makes Picasso's work of art unique is that he does not paint the object as it is; however, he conveys a message through his masterpiece. This is due to his talent and ability to paint his thoughts and to paint the world.

To promote peace in the world, it is indeed helpful to use art. This can be done by encouraging youths to paint their ideas of peace so as to inspire them into peace keeping. The ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, for example, painted his unique peace message, ‘Peace is possible' on a graffiti wall painting in London. His goal is to impart the youths with the idea of serenity.