The Representation of Peace in Painting

The Representation of Peace in Painting

Among the many art forms that exist, painting is one of the most famous. Through their works, painters can transmit any message or share any feeling. Peace is therefore one of the messages that art can transmit. Among some famous artsts' paintings representing peace, here are the most famous.

The Representation of Peace in Painting

The mural "Peace Is Possible" by Ben Eine

Inspired by the peace ambassador Prem Rawat's message and work, influential graffiti artist painted Prem Rawat's statement in Ebor Street, on the wall of Shoreditch House, East London, UK.

Ben Eine is a tagger turned graffiti artist, he worked closely with the internationally known urban artist Banksy. Prime Minister David Cameron presented a painting of Eine to President Barack Obama in 2010. His art is in high demand around the world and he is constantly receiving international orders to produce his unique creations.

After completing the mural "Peace Is Possible", he traveled to Russia, Canada, Italy and Japan to secure his orders. Her multicolored letters and strong messages have already appeared on storefronts and walls in the United States, Colombia, the United Kingdom, France and Sweden.

Ebor Street is a neighborhood renowned for urban art and especially Eine's typography. For two exceptionally sunny days in London, it became a great place to visit for tourists and locals alike, when people from all walks of life came to see the artist at work. Many took pictures of themselves in front of the "Peace Wall", while others posted, tweeted and shared them on social media.

The mural "Peace Is Possible" presents an important and hopeful message at a time when London and other cities in the United Kingdom are experiencing an increase in youth violence.

Picasso's dove of peace

In 1949, at the end of the Second World War, Stalinist communism took over from the terror in Eastern Europe but Europe was saved from German expansionism and a feeling of peace was born. Thus, in 1949, in Paris is organized a world congress of the partisans of peace, at this time Picasso is communist and the PC was very engaged in the action for peace at the sides of the Christians, thus, he was asked to draw symbolizing this new fervor of peace. Picasso agreed and thus was born Picasso's Peace Dove.

Another anecdote about this dove of peace and that Pablo Picasso drew it the year of the birth of his daughter, Paloma Picasso, Paloma which means Dove in Spanish. Paloma Picasso will have a daughter and will also call her Paz after the dove of peace.

The biblical reference is clear and clear, the metaphor is beautiful, the dove brings an olive branch in its beak because the hell of the Second World War is over.

Allegory of Peace by Hans von Aachen

Hans Aachen, a representative of German mannerism and painting, famous for his allegories and his paintings on mythological and religious subjects. The large format canvas represents a solemn celebration on the occasion of the unity of the world, art and abundance.

The world is a naked girl at the center of the composition whose body is represented according to the canons of mannerism. In his hands, an olive branch, a symbol of peace. Personalized art embraces the world by the shoulder. This work represents at best what the world would be if true peace is acquired by all.